Palm acid oil (PAO) is a by-product obtained from the alka-line refining of palm oil. It is used for making laundry soaps and for producing calcium soaps for animal feed formulations. The properties and composition of PAO may differ according to variations in the palm oil feedstock and the alkaline refining process. Because information on the characteristics of PAO is limited, this investigation aims to establish the properties of this product. Quality and oxidative parameters of 27 samples of PAO were determined. The six parameters analyzed were moisture and free fatty acid content, peroxide value, iodine value, saponification value, and unsaponifiable matter. Headspace-gas-chromatographic (HSGC) analysis and gas-chromatographic analysis of the extract from the Likens-Nickerson steam distillation of the samples were also carried out. Mean moisture content was 0.98%, free fatty acids 62.6% (palmitic acid), peroxide value 4.1 meq/kg, iodine value 50.2, saponification value 186, and unsaponifiable matter 0.53 HSGC profiles of a few samples showed the presence of one to three peaks, while the steam distillation extract showed the presence of aldehydes, ketones, furans, and acids.